PMRDFs: Talented young professionals with a desire to participate and initiate a larger change

"Several PMRD Fellows made spirited efforts in conflict ridden and less developed remote regions to make a difference to the lives of rural communities in securing access to benefits from several development interventions intended to better their lives and livelihoods. They demonstrated that youthful idealism combined with empathy and enthusiasm to serve the needy...can usher in positive changes in plans and implementation mechanisms to ensure better results and significantly contribute to transformation and mainstreaming the alienated and the marginalized."

- Prof. K.V. Raju, PMRDFs Mentor and Director, Development Management Institute, Bihar


Where Theory Meets Practice

The PMRDF programme ingeniously strings together theory and practice. For most part of the Fellowship, the enthusiastic changemakers turn field into their classroom, learning and unlearning from the everyday experiences.

Masters in Development Practice

The Masters in Development Practice (MDP) enables the Fellows to build on their field work and transform themselves into high-caliber development-practice professionals. At the end of the degree, the Fellows submit a research dissertation, which gives them an opportunity to place their on-field experience within a larger theoretical framework.

The MDP is executed in 2 phases:

  • Contact Phase:
    • Orientation Programme: Before the Fellows begin work on the field in their respective districts, a two-month-long orientation programme enables them to lead grassroots' planning and intervention processes keeping the larger framework of India's policies and plans on rural development in mind.
    • Three week contact phase is organized every semester, wherein eminent speakers, across various disciplines, are invited to conduct sessions, interactions and training workshops on topics included in the curriculum.
  • Online Phase: Given that the Fellows are located at remote places across the country, lectures and assignments are delivered through an online platform, in order to facilitate a constant learning process

The programme has also connected with renowned academic practitioners as well as government officials in several PMRDFs states, as Mentors to the Fellows, so that they are well guided throughout the Fellowship period. This engagement enables them to theorise their practical insights and reflect on the ways in which ideas of development are be understood, analysed and to be implemented in practice in the context of specific States/Districts.

Equipped with valuable field experience and academic credentials from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, the Fellows are expected to launch themselves in front-end careers in the field of development practice.

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