PMRDFs: Talented young professionals with a desire to participate and initiate a larger change

Batch I Fellows (2012-2015)


The PMRD Fellowship has allowed establishing the Fellows as highly motivated and committed development professionals/ facilitators. The Fellowship provides an exposure of working closely with multiple stakeholders like the governmental and non-governmental organizations and local level actors. This has provided them a platform for relooking at the way development, growth, and progress is conventionally understood. In the course of the fellowship, Fellows have moved from individual academic disciplines like social work, health administration, rural development, engineering, or business administration to core development professionals, who excel in strengthening local institutions and provide policy based suggestions. The academic engagement with the TISS has enriched the Fellows with skills like understanding social realities from theoretical perspective and equips them with both the qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

The graduates of the first batch of PMRD Fellows (2012–2015) are trained to work in a range of organizations that address sustainable development issues, including local and international NGOs, UN agencies, private sector companies, consulting firms, social enterprises, government institutions, international finance institutions, bilateral aid agencies, philanthropic organizations, and academic institutions.