PMRDFs: Talented young professionals with a desire to participate and initiate a larger change

"I have a vision to transform the social landscaping of the Indian healthcare space. This scheme I believe will provide me an excellent opportunity to learn from the field, even while providing my expertise to the betterment of society... it will be the first step to my long term goal of working extensively in policy formulation of the Indian health care system."

- Preshit Ambade, PMRD Fellow (Batch I), Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

"I would like to put my creative ideas in the communities, so that they can understand the root cause [of issues] and make their voice more audible."

– Annu Singh, PMRD Fellow (Batch I), Nagaon, Assam

"The fact is that youth [voices] are never heard… I will definitely be a bridge for the youth and the Government… The youth of the area will act themselves as the change agents to bring positive change… If we are planning for inclusive growth, it is necessary that the decisions for the targeted groups should be participatory ones."

- Jechonia Islary, PMRD Fellow (Batch I), Chirang, Assam

Meet the Fellows

Brimming with leadership potential and the will to imagine and strive for change in the country's isolated, underdeveloped and marginalized districts, a cohort of young professionals was recruited in the year 2012 and 2014 to the prestigious PMRD Fellowship.

The PMRD Fellows work under the direct supervision of the District Collector. They make an attempt to bridge the gap between people’s needs and the system’s provisions by reducing development and governance deficits. They help in local area planning, undertake action-research to devise efficient ways of programme delivery, conduct socio-economic analyses to ascertain felt needs of the local population besides assisting in more effective ways of implementing the government’s poverty alleviation programmes and schemes.

Catalysts for Change

The Batch 1 and Batch 2 PMRD Fellows have made successful attempts in rewriting the development story in the districts they are placed in. Apart from helping bring food, jobs and shelter to those whose names often do not appear in official government records, the Fellows have also set up micro-ATMs in remote areas, facilitated sericulture and floriculture initiatives and mobilized nearly redundant traditional performers to create awareness about government schemes.

This experience has provided a valuable opportunity to the young professionals to build their capacity by getting hands-on experience in the development process under extremely difficult conditions.

PMRD Fellow as Trainer

The fellowship also provides the Fellows with ample opportunities to put to use their own former professional and personal experience to engage in capacity building of communities. This is done through skillfully designed modules that the Fellows put together using their own knowledge and skills.

In the past, the Fellows have undertaken Intensive Participatory Planning Exercise (IPPE) at village level, social audits, mobilised youth through skill-development training as well as educated line department personnel in the use of digital media in a bid to strengthen the overall governance apparatus and improve efficiency.

Some Statistics

Batch 1 : 151 Fellows were selected and placed in 78 districts in 9 States

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Batch 2 : 160 Fellows were selected and placed in 118 districts in 18 States

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